Little green jelly frogs

Green jelly frogs - Gröna Grodor

Green jelly frogs – Gröna Grodor

My first contact with the little green jelly frogs must be some 9 years ago now.  It was a totally unexpected encounter that took me completely by surprise.

There were about 20 of us there; parents gathered to watch our youngsters at their end of term sports do.  I imagined that bean bags and skipping ropes would be the order of the day.  Instead, the main feature was a large bag of small green amphibians: squishy, shiny frogs that all stuck together in a gooey mess.

And the aim was simple – to see who could spit the little green frogs the furthest.

Well, I know that camels spit when worried and snuff-taking Swedes can be a little bit ‘spitty’.  But, a spitting contest for kids?  I was hopping mad.

There was one youngster, there always is, who out-spat the others by a clear metre in all three spit-offs.  He was a master spitter if there ever was one.

Mastering all my restraint, and quietly fuming I retreated to my parked car.  And there I waited for my son – the Spitting Champion.  And what could I say to that dear little chap beaming with pride and a glowing green tongue?

Because we don’t spit in Britain, do we?