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Finding your way

Finding your way

Well, whoever said that life in Sweden was dull?

Today March 21st is national Grammar Day. So for anyone needing help with their semantics and parts of speech, this day is for you.  The aim behind today’s event is to raise the status of grammar throughout the country and convince us all that grammar really is FUN.

With a view to this, a series of lectures and seminars are being held in Sweden’s four major university towns: Lund, Stockholm, Uppsala and Luleå. The talks, all related to grammar, have thought-provoking titles including, “Learn Danish in 20 minutes” and “The ‘grammar’ of thought”. The mind boggles.

Supporting the day, there will also be the inevitable ‘grammar cake’ (surprise, surprise!), special activities in schools and – if you can’t make it along to any of these events – there’s an online grammar quiz. This is actually quite fun and I’ve just scored a miserable 55%: the average is 72%. Well, my excuse is I’m not Swedish and I’m more of a night owl than a morning lark.

Top marks to Sweden!  Or is it?  Is it really necessary to have a themed Grammar Day?

It feels so gimmicky. Why can’t schools just get on with improving the teaching of grammar without the need to create a celebratory day? Do we need to study grammar to learn a language? Well no we don’t.  Is grammar a good thing? Well, yes; we all need a bit of structure in our lives.

But please, can’t we just get away from all these self-conscious jamborees? I feel ‘themed day fatigue’ setting in.

Note to Selfie: Could do better.