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Tacos a top 10 weekend meal in Sweden!

Tacos a top 10 weekend meal in Sweden!

You never really know what goes on behind closed doors, especially if that door leads to the kitchen.

And sometimes I can’t help wondering just what the average Swede really eats for supper. As a Brit living in Sweden I’ve  mostly – but not always – enjoyed trying out Swedish food.  I love food, and can think of nothing nicer than idling hours away leafing through a cookery book.   But, despite that, and trying to be inventive, I always seem to end up cooking the same 10 dishes on some strange sort of rota system.

So you can imagine my surprise as I was busy preparing our Saturday night Tacos, when I discovered that I was far from alone in my choice of meal; it seems, in fact, that well over 840,000 other people in Sweden would also be tucking into Tacos over the weekend!

This is according to a recent survey that was featured in our local paper on Saturday.  So, if you’ve ever wondered, here are Sweden’s Top 10 Weekend Meals for 2014:-

  1. Beef with chips, 12.1%
  2. Chicken, 11.1%
  3. Tacos, 8,8%
  4. Pork fillet with side dishes, 8,1%
  5. Pizza, 6.8%
  6. Fish with side dishes, 6,4%
  7. Salmon, 4,4%
  8. Casserole, 4,1%
  9. Steak/entrecote with side dishes, 2,7%
  10. Hamburgers, 2.4%

As I tend to cook at least 6 of these meals on a regular basis, I begin to wonder if I am more Swedish from a culinary perspective than I realized?

Note to Selfie: Time to dust off my Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson cookery books!






Strike whilst the iron is hot!

Swedish waffles

Swedish waffles

Bring out the waffle irons and whack out the whisks! It’s National Waffle Day in Sweden.

Yes, the ever-inventive Swedes have yet another infernal ‘celebratory’ day. And today March 25th it’s the turn of the humble waffle. If you close your eyes and listen very carefully, you’ll hear the sizzle of hot butter across the nation as we all get our waffle irons primed and ready for action.

Waffles over here (OH) are typically heart-shaped. Though their great, great ancestors way back in time were much more rectangular. It really wasn’t until the Middle Ages that waffles started to look like, well, waffles. They were also cooked using irons – some of which were decorated with coats of arms which I guess was a nifty way of having a family selfie.

Personally, I think waffles are best eaten when someone else makes them. So, if you ever happen to be driving aimlessly around the Swedish countryside in the summer with nothing better to do, keep your eyes peeled for a ”Våffelstuga” –  a cafe that serves waffles; more often than not, they are family run and just open for the summer season, waiting for people like me just too lazy to make their own.

If you miss today’s waffle deadline, don’t panic! There are always another 364 days in the year.

Chocolate – a consuming passion?

So, I saw an article in a British paper the other day and I couldn’t stop laughing. And with a blog about Selfie and my love of chocolate, I just had to include this ridiculous bit of narcissistic self-indulgence.

Women are being encouraged by a British department store Harvey Nichols to create 3D chocolate ”Selfies”. They claim that, after countless pictures being taken from countless angles, a silicone mould being formed and filled with chocolate, and then cooled; your exact likeness will be captured in chocolate: for posterity – or until you’re eaten, or left forgotten on a shelf to ‘chocrot’, or covered in dust and then thrown away.

Quite obviously, this is more of a “Chocfie” than a Selfie (as you’re not able to take all those countless photos yourself) – let’s get our facts straight in this example of technical wonderment. But what amazes me most is that women are seriously having this done – as apparently they are. I nearly choked on my Chocolate Nut Granola; my mind running rampant with visions of unnecessary body parts being  3D-imaged in chocolate.

But the people having the BIGGEST laugh are Harvey Nichols, charging £99.00 for six solid chocolate mini busts (head and shoulders, not below!). Somehow I can’t but help feel the emphasis is on Concept rather Substance (=Gimmick)?

3D Chocfie

3D Chocfie

Note to Selfie: Chocolate makes the World go plump!


Flag up Sweden! (FuS)


Blogging should be about having fun, right?

So, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge.  No, not one of those awful virtuous attempts to learn something new or do a good deed.  No, this is a REAL challenge.  Once a week, I’m going to #Flag up Sweden (Fus).  I’m going to find something that I like about Sweden, or at least find something positive to say about someone, something, or well really anything remotely associated with this tree-ridden country.  For those of you who know me, you know that this won’t be an easy task.

But this week, it’s actually a piece of cake.  Well, not literally, though it does have something to do with food.   It jumped straight out of  the fridge at me.  Yes, it’s food in a tube!!  Well, not all food in a tube.  Just a very special, peculiarly Swedish food called Kalles Caviar.

Rather like Marmite, you either Love IT or Hate It.  Rather surprisingly, I Love It.  It comes in a garishly blue shiny tube, with a platinum blonde-haired boy grinning at you with a full set of ridiculously white teeth.  But, don’t be put off by the packaging!   Appearances can be deceptive.  For inside the tube there’s a delicious, creamed fish roe ‘paste’.   Just like toothpaste,  remove the lid and squeeeeeeeezzze – it’s that simple.  Admittedly, this does on first sight look a little bit like the contents of a baby’s nappy.  But, get over that hurdle then you’re home and dry!

Just get yourself a slab of hearty Lingon bread, some hard boiled egg and then squiqqle over Kalles to your heart’s delight.

Kalles in action

Kalles in action

Note to Selfie:  Remember to brush teeth!