Spring in their step

Converse crew

Converse crew

So I was in town earlier and I just couldn’t help noticing everyone’s feet.  It’s not that I’ve got a foot fetish or anything.  Or that I usually go around staring at the ground.  It’s just that it was hard not to miss.

The Converse are back in town!

Those canvas shoes, once the province of the young and trendy, that EVERY Swede now seems to wear.   Knowing Sweden’s love of  bizarre ‘Special Days’,  I did momentarily wonder if today was  National Converse Day.  But no.  It appears that there was just some silent consensus of Converse owners that today was the day.  Of course, it could also have had something to do with the unexpectedly warm Spring weather.

Whatever the reason, the Converse crew were out in force for the season.

For the past few years, I’ve been fascinated by the Swede’s love affair with Converse.  And I know that if I wanted to fit in, I should get a pair too.  So perhaps it’s about time I made that move, and stepped out in style….