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Tacos a top 10 weekend meal in Sweden!

Tacos a top 10 weekend meal in Sweden!

You never really know what goes on behind closed doors, especially if that door leads to the kitchen.

And sometimes I can’t help wondering just what the average Swede really eats for supper. As a Brit living in Sweden I’ve  mostly – but not always – enjoyed trying out Swedish food.  I love food, and can think of nothing nicer than idling hours away leafing through a cookery book.   But, despite that, and trying to be inventive, I always seem to end up cooking the same 10 dishes on some strange sort of rota system.

So you can imagine my surprise as I was busy preparing our Saturday night Tacos, when I discovered that I was far from alone in my choice of meal; it seems, in fact, that well over 840,000 other people in Sweden would also be tucking into Tacos over the weekend!

This is according to a recent survey that was featured in our local paper on Saturday.  So, if you’ve ever wondered, here are Sweden’s Top 10 Weekend Meals for 2014:-

  1. Beef with chips, 12.1%
  2. Chicken, 11.1%
  3. Tacos, 8,8%
  4. Pork fillet with side dishes, 8,1%
  5. Pizza, 6.8%
  6. Fish with side dishes, 6,4%
  7. Salmon, 4,4%
  8. Casserole, 4,1%
  9. Steak/entrecote with side dishes, 2,7%
  10. Hamburgers, 2.4%

As I tend to cook at least 6 of these meals on a regular basis, I begin to wonder if I am more Swedish from a culinary perspective than I realized?

Note to Selfie: Time to dust off my Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson cookery books!






So very British

Only the other day, someone accused me of being ‘so very British’. Well, they didn’t so much ‘accuse’ me as say it in a very accusatory tone: I think it was as I was apologising profusely when they bumped into me.

That’s my problem, I am so very British: I’m apologetic, spontaneous, ironic, sarcastic and most days suffer from terrible verbal diarrhoea. The Swedes are, on the other hand, not; and I cannot imagine ANYONE accusing them of being chatty.

Despite all my best efforts, I don’t really fit in; I’m just another expat misfit.  I’m a misplaced Selfie with an identity crisis.

And then I got depressed and down. And then I found this, and Everything was Right with the World.


Being helpless to resist saying “sorry, thanks” every time you pass through a doorway.

It was life affirming!  I recognised myself on every single, highly entertaining page of this highly entertaining book.

Yes, I’m simply British.  And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about that.

Note to Selfie: Remember to buy another copy from Amazon.  Can also be followed on Twitter.