Blog leave

When we were young, my classmates and I had to get leave to go to the toilet.

Our hands would shoot straight up and we’d say, “Sir, can I go to the toilet?”  To which our teacher would always reply, “Of course you can, but do you have permission?”  And then, hands would rocket straight up again, “Sir, may I go to the toilet?”

Even a simple thing like taking leave, asking for permission or taking time-out seems fraught with confusion.  So how then do I take a brief and temporary leave from my blog?  What’s blog etiquette?  Do I say that, ‘oh well, I’m off for a break’ or just quietly disappear?  Somehow that seems rude: just like slinking away from a party without thanking the hosts.  Either way it makes little to no difference; I am not a professional blogger; I just blog for fun and I have only just started blogging, so blog continuity is hardly an issue.

It’s just that, being so typically British, I still feel as though I ought to apologise for my absence; my taking leave.

So, that’s it; I’m taking blog leave and will return after my Easter in England.


Note to Selfie: It’s my blog and I can pause if I want, pause if I want to…





Spring in their step

Converse crew

Converse crew

So I was in town earlier and I just couldn’t help noticing everyone’s feet.  It’s not that I’ve got a foot fetish or anything.  Or that I usually go around staring at the ground.  It’s just that it was hard not to miss.

The Converse are back in town!

Those canvas shoes, once the province of the young and trendy, that EVERY Swede now seems to wear.   Knowing Sweden’s love of  bizarre ‘Special Days’,  I did momentarily wonder if today was  National Converse Day.  But no.  It appears that there was just some silent consensus of Converse owners that today was the day.  Of course, it could also have had something to do with the unexpectedly warm Spring weather.

Whatever the reason, the Converse crew were out in force for the season.

For the past few years, I’ve been fascinated by the Swede’s love affair with Converse.  And I know that if I wanted to fit in, I should get a pair too.  So perhaps it’s about time I made that move, and stepped out in style….

Flag up Sweden! (FuS)


Blogging should be about having fun, right?

So, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge.  No, not one of those awful virtuous attempts to learn something new or do a good deed.  No, this is a REAL challenge.  Once a week, I’m going to #Flag up Sweden (Fus).  I’m going to find something that I like about Sweden, or at least find something positive to say about someone, something, or well really anything remotely associated with this tree-ridden country.  For those of you who know me, you know that this won’t be an easy task.

But this week, it’s actually a piece of cake.  Well, not literally, though it does have something to do with food.   It jumped straight out of  the fridge at me.  Yes, it’s food in a tube!!  Well, not all food in a tube.  Just a very special, peculiarly Swedish food called Kalles Caviar.

Rather like Marmite, you either Love IT or Hate It.  Rather surprisingly, I Love It.  It comes in a garishly blue shiny tube, with a platinum blonde-haired boy grinning at you with a full set of ridiculously white teeth.  But, don’t be put off by the packaging!   Appearances can be deceptive.  For inside the tube there’s a delicious, creamed fish roe ‘paste’.   Just like toothpaste,  remove the lid and squeeeeeeeezzze – it’s that simple.  Admittedly, this does on first sight look a little bit like the contents of a baby’s nappy.  But, get over that hurdle then you’re home and dry!

Just get yourself a slab of hearty Lingon bread, some hard boiled egg and then squiqqle over Kalles to your heart’s delight.

Kalles in action

Kalles in action

Note to Selfie:  Remember to brush teeth!