Sometimes a little selfie delusion goes a long way

So the question is, what do a dvd player, a large Swedish/English dictionary and I have in common?

Well the answer is more complex than you might think. On the one hand, it’s 61 kg. And then on the other, it isn’t.

You know when you casually hop onto your favourite, old pink IKEA bathroom scales once a week just to check your weight? Not that you’re bothered, of course. You’re just curious. And how you’re always slightly relieved to see that you’ve not gained much. And then, you look once again, just to make sure?

And how when you see friends back in the UK they comment on how ”Well” you look.

And then that fateful day the IKEA delivery truck arrives with your Billy bookcase and smart, new black shelf for the dvd player. And just for safety’s sake, you check that the dvd player isn’t too heavy for the shelf – which can take up to 20kg.

But it is. It weighs 61 kg.

And so does the large Swedish/English dictionary.

And so do I.

And then the penny drops………….

Flatpackers' paradise.

Note to Selfie:  Sometimes ignorance is bliss