Selfie Facts

Modesty has prevented me from divulging too many boring details of my relatively uninspiring life. But I do feel as if I am a bit thin on biographical information, and need fleshing out.

So here are 14  moderately dull facts that you will never learn about me from this blog:-


1. I have eaten a Witchety Grub.

2. I own 3 pairs of socks without holes.

3. I once worked with chef Keith Floyd (he liked Courvoisier and pinching bums).

4. I LOVE cricket (and not because of any tighty whities)

5. At the age of 11 I won a poetry competition. I wrote a poem about the sea. It was called ‘The Sea’.

6. I have driven a car across a frozen lake.

7. I have ridden on horseback on a wonderful beach in Western Australia.

8. At the age of 10 I climbed up Mount Snowdon, in North Wales.

9. I have seen the beauty of the Northern Lights – on a holiday to Edinburgh, Scotland.

10. I have held a Koala Bear.

11. I was told by my English professor that I ‘sailed close to the wind’.

12. I have never written a book (no surprises there then, prof).

13. I went out on a yacht at the beginning of the Round the World Yacht race.

14. I didn’t win any money in the casino in Monte Carlo.



Major Achievements

1. Raising my son, the be all and end all of my life.

2. Surviving in Sweden.




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