Blog leave

When we were young, my classmates and I had to get leave to go to the toilet.

Our hands would shoot straight up and we’d say, “Sir, can I go to the toilet?”  To which our teacher would always reply, “Of course you can, but do you have permission?”  And then, hands would rocket straight up again, “Sir, may I go to the toilet?”

Even a simple thing like taking leave, asking for permission or taking time-out seems fraught with confusion.  So how then do I take a brief and temporary leave from my blog?  What’s blog etiquette?  Do I say that, ‘oh well, I’m off for a break’ or just quietly disappear?  Somehow that seems rude: just like slinking away from a party without thanking the hosts.  Either way it makes little to no difference; I am not a professional blogger; I just blog for fun and I have only just started blogging, so blog continuity is hardly an issue.

It’s just that, being so typically British, I still feel as though I ought to apologise for my absence; my taking leave.

So, that’s it; I’m taking blog leave and will return after my Easter in England.


Note to Selfie: It’s my blog and I can pause if I want, pause if I want to…






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