Chocolate – a consuming passion?

So, I saw an article in a British paper the other day and I couldn’t stop laughing. And with a blog about Selfie and my love of chocolate, I just had to include this ridiculous bit of narcissistic self-indulgence.

Women are being encouraged by a British department store Harvey Nichols to create 3D chocolate ”Selfies”. They claim that, after countless pictures being taken from countless angles, a silicone mould being formed and filled with chocolate, and then cooled; your exact likeness will be captured in chocolate: for posterity – or until you’re eaten, or left forgotten on a shelf to ‘chocrot’, or covered in dust and then thrown away.

Quite obviously, this is more of a “Chocfie” than a Selfie (as you’re not able to take all those countless photos yourself) – let’s get our facts straight in this example of technical wonderment. But what amazes me most is that women are seriously having this done – as apparently they are. I nearly choked on my Chocolate Nut Granola; my mind running rampant with visions of unnecessary body parts being  3D-imaged in chocolate.

But the people having the BIGGEST laugh are Harvey Nichols, charging £99.00 for six solid chocolate mini busts (head and shoulders, not below!). Somehow I can’t but help feel the emphasis is on Concept rather Substance (=Gimmick)?

3D Chocfie

3D Chocfie

Note to Selfie: Chocolate makes the World go plump!



  1. Haha this is crazy! I do love chocolate though, but I think it would put me off having it moulded into myself. I am fine sticking to the moulded bunnies shapes and the like instead 😛

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