So very British

Only the other day, someone accused me of being ‘so very British’. Well, they didn’t so much ‘accuse’ me as say it in a very accusatory tone: I think it was as I was apologising profusely when they bumped into me.

That’s my problem, I am so very British: I’m apologetic, spontaneous, ironic, sarcastic and most days suffer from terrible verbal diarrhoea. The Swedes are, on the other hand, not; and I cannot imagine ANYONE accusing them of being chatty.

Despite all my best efforts, I don’t really fit in; I’m just another expat misfit.  I’m a misplaced Selfie with an identity crisis.

And then I got depressed and down. And then I found this, and Everything was Right with the World.


Being helpless to resist saying “sorry, thanks” every time you pass through a doorway.

It was life affirming!  I recognised myself on every single, highly entertaining page of this highly entertaining book.

Yes, I’m simply British.  And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about that.

Note to Selfie: Remember to buy another copy from Amazon.  Can also be followed on Twitter.



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