Today’s top survival tip

So I was just thinking of how I’ve coped and adapted to life over here (OH), and decided that each week I will share a personal pearl of wisdom. I can’t pretend I am about to offer the key to eternal happiness, but let me anyway pass on today’s handy tip for Expat Survival.

– Get a hair cut!

Well, this might not have been quite what you were expecting. Getting a hair cut isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you set up camp in a new country like Sweden. But it is a great way of starting to build a network: YOUR network.

Crazy as this sounds, a hairdressers is a great place to start.

1. Hairdressers are chatty and they’ll happily give you the low down on everything, from local job vacancies to where to buy the best pizza.

2. Hairdressers are the soul of discretion. So great if you want to blub your eyes out.

3. Hairdressers are great interpreters. So no worries if your Swedish isn’t up to scratch. Just wave your arms around wildly and you’ll still be understood.

4. Suddenly, you have a network of one.

And, of course, you’ll come out of the salon feeling like a million dollars – though with slightly less kronor than when you went in.

Obviously, if you’re more interested in outdoor activities you’d better contact the great survival expert, Bear Grylls.

Note to Selfie: Mmmm, time to book an appointment.



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