Flag up Sweden! (FuS)


Blogging should be about having fun, right?

So, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge.  No, not one of those awful virtuous attempts to learn something new or do a good deed.  No, this is a REAL challenge.  Once a week, I’m going to #Flag up Sweden (Fus).  I’m going to find something that I like about Sweden, or at least find something positive to say about someone, something, or well really anything remotely associated with this tree-ridden country.  For those of you who know me, you know that this won’t be an easy task.

But this week, it’s actually a piece of cake.  Well, not literally, though it does have something to do with food.   It jumped straight out of  the fridge at me.  Yes, it’s food in a tube!!  Well, not all food in a tube.  Just a very special, peculiarly Swedish food called Kalles Caviar.

Rather like Marmite, you either Love IT or Hate It.  Rather surprisingly, I Love It.  It comes in a garishly blue shiny tube, with a platinum blonde-haired boy grinning at you with a full set of ridiculously white teeth.  But, don’t be put off by the packaging!   Appearances can be deceptive.  For inside the tube there’s a delicious, creamed fish roe ‘paste’.   Just like toothpaste,  remove the lid and squeeeeeeeezzze – it’s that simple.  Admittedly, this does on first sight look a little bit like the contents of a baby’s nappy.  But, get over that hurdle then you’re home and dry!

Just get yourself a slab of hearty Lingon bread, some hard boiled egg and then squiqqle over Kalles to your heart’s delight.

Kalles in action

Kalles in action

Note to Selfie:  Remember to brush teeth!


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