Must be time for a lobotomy?

Sanna Nielsen

Sanna Nielsen

Can’t believe that I spent yesterday evening in agony.  If you’d tried to get me or the rest of the nation on the phone, you’d have found that we were otherwise engaged.  We were watching the selection of Sweden’s representative for The Eurovision Song Contest.  In last night’s programme 10 very diverse acts competed for a coveted place in the final in Copenhagen in May.

Despite my misgivings, it turned out to be a fascinating two horse race.  On the one hand there was Sanna Nielsen.  She sang a traditional Ye Olde Ballade, with gut-wrenching lyrics and predictable crescendo.  Sanna is big in Sweden, with her roots in Dance Band music – that Swedish Speciality that you wouldn’t want to inflict on your tone deaf granny.  She is  a short haired blonde and statuesque.  And she’s one of those women who you imagine look just like her mother.  She’s 29 going on 55.

On the other hand there was Ace Wilder.  She sang a modern, catchy indie-pop tune with a nifty dance routine.  It was different, cool and fun.  Until last night, I don’t imagine any of us had a clue who she was.  She is a long-haired brunette and lithe.  And she’s one of those women who you imagine look just as she did when she was a young girl.  She’s 31 going on 13.

The fate of all 10 contestants rested in the hands of us, the Swedish public, who accounted for 50% of the total result and an international jury who accounted for the remaining 50%.  Up till now, I’ve always wondered what sort of brain dead idiot would line the pockets of the Swedish telephone companies by voting.  Well, now I know.  I just couldn’t resist dialling up and joining in.  But I,  like many others (according to the Twitter Stream and Chat rooms), had difficulties getting through due to problems with the telephone lines.

Maybe that would have made all the difference, who knows???   As it was, it really went down to the wire with Sanna Nielsen finally sneaking home with a 2 vote advantage.

Good luck to Sanna!  But I imagine that I will be ”busy stressing, doing nothing at all” for quite some time to come.



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