It’s crunch time!



I couldn’t help wondering about the wonders of marketing.  Turn back the clock 10 years, and this would have been just another ordinary Friday.  And we’d all have been going about our day-to-day lives as usual.  Fast forward 10 years, and here I am waiting at the supermarket check-out with several very large bags of crisps, savoury cheese snacks and a sachet of Sour Cream and Red Onion dip mix.   I am about to participate in what has so effortlessly become a national,  Friday night ritual.  I’m about to hunker down in front of the box with family and an array of unhealthy, fatty snacks and dips – and all in the name of  Fredagsmys ( Cosy Friday).  Dress code, of course, being casual; slippers, tracksuits and onesies being items of choice.

It’s full marks to OLW (Sweden’s Snacks King) that this weekly event has slipped so easily into the Swedish culture.  It’s as much of a ritual as eating Semlor  To think that, through clever marketing, national TV ads and The Fredagsmys Song we all think it’s great to stay at home and, quite simply, hog out.   Now,  we all want to be part of the national Cosy Friday movement.

And,  just in case we might forget our weekly forage into snack heaven, OLW have installed a large, colourful Count Down Clock on their homepage, ticking off the hours, minutes and seconds to our next blow out.  For, that’s what it is.  Let’s face it.   Fredagsmys is nothing more than legitimised slobbing out in front of the telly!   Thanks to OLW, we all feel free to unashamedly tuck into as many packets of crisps and other snacks with a TOTALLY clear conscience.  Look at me, I feel no shame standing in line clutching on to calorific, junk food hell.  Why should I?  You see, I’m just part of the Communal Crunch.    I mean, how clever is that…


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