Goose stepping!

Goose Stepping

Goose Stepping

So you’d better watch your step. It’s March, it’s Sweden and it’s Goose Time. Yesterday Barnacle, Canadian and Grey Leg geese launched themselves here with a general whirring of wings, raucous noise and clamour.  Today, they’re quietly snacking in the local fields – and pooping.

Obviously, one way of avoiding the poop is to tread to carefully.   Or (and this is my preferred course of action), just stay indoors and avoid walking in the fields altogether.

Alternatively, you could get hold of some lifesize plastic models of dogs from the Minnesota-based company,  Watch Dog Goose Patrol.  And no, I’m not barking!  This is exactly what officials did last year in a town near Stockholm.  They put large models of German Shepherd dogs in the town’s public parks in an attempt to keep the geese out and fouling the area.

They might just as well have erected a sign, “No Geese Allowed”.


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