Let’s get fat together!

Semla - Sweden's famous cream bun

Semla – Sweden’s famous cream bun

Just how an innocuous cream bun has gained celebrity status here in Sweden baffles me.  Not only has the Semla got its own Facebook page (with over 28,000 fans), there are national tasting panels all too happy to pass judgement on looks, flavour and overall appeal. There’s one guy, ‘The Semla Man’, who valiantly has dedicated himself to trying out over 70 semlor (that’s semla x LOTS).  Eating his way through goodness knows how many carbs just for the benefit of the Swedish public.  It is after all only a bun stuffed with a bit of marzipan and a lot of cream.

Ironically it’s come such a long way from its humble beginnings.  Considering it was just a yeast bun that everyone gorged themselves on before Lent, it’s hard to understand why it’s now reached culinary Stardom!  A celebrity Z-lister.   So here’s to  ‘Fat Day’ (that’s Shrove Tuesday to you and me).

Will I be indulging?  Well yes, of course.  But I’d rather eat a chocolate eclair….

Notes from Selfie:

–  According to Arla ( Dairy King of Sweden) over 5 million semlor will be eaten today, March 4th.

–  Fat Day – Fettis Dag


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